“I can’t say enough about Irene. As a sports medicine physician working primarily with women, I understand the value of quality when it comes to core health and perinatal care. Not all services are equal and Irene’s knowledge, patience and intuition on what’s best for her clients is top level. She not only took care of my postnatal weakness but taught me lessons I will always be able to apply to my exercise plan. She is a true value for the level of care you receive from Irene.”

Dr. Marci Goolsby
Women’s Sports Medicine Center
Hospital for Special Surgery

"Irene and the Mamacore program was exactly what I needed after having two kids and not knowing where to start with rebuilding and strengthening my core. Irene's style and approach is fun and relaxed yet on point with getting you into gear. She is very generous with her time, happy to email or discuss your personal questions and provide her professional input. She really wants you to succeed. I'm so happy to have found out about her through the mama community."

 “I cannot say enough good things about Irene and her program. After I had my twins and developed a diastis recti (separation of the abdominal walls), I was quite discouraged and thought I would never get my belly looking the same again, but with perseverance and patience I saw an incredible change. We have been working together for 1.5 years now and it just keeps getting better!" 

Brooklyn, NY

“I loved Irene’s willingness to accommodate my training times to fit into my hectic working mom life.”

 “(Irene) You are always my go-to referral. I am so so grateful to have found you and with your help gain my core and pelvic function and flexibility back. I completed a week long yoga retreat and now am back into my weekly yoga and Pilates practice with no incontinence!” 

Brooklyn, NY

"I'm incredibly grateful for Irene and the work she is doing. The simple concentrated movements have made a huge difference in my comfort post baby. HIGHLY recommend her services."

“(Irene) You were the push I needed to get my body back to where I needed it to be and I’m very lucky to have worked with you”

“Knowing why I feel the way I do rather than just accept the aches and pains feels so empowering... These materials are so thorough and wonderful.”