How do we get started?

I provide a complimentary phone consultation so we can discuss your goals and health history. I ask that you fill out a Health History Questionnaire in advance of our first meeting in case there is a medical issue that would prevent us from working together without first checking in with a physician and/or physical therapist. 

What are the first few sessions like? 

The first session is an in-depth postural and fitness assessment. I check for Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation), your breathing mechanics, and core integrity, function and strength. I like to take a series of photos and videos  (for your personal use only) so you can get a full understanding of your alignment and movement habits, how they could be contributing to any issues you may be having and what alignment and movement patterns we will be working towards. We'll talk about any tightness or restrictions you feel in your body as well as your c-section scar (if applicable) and any tightness or restrictions you may feel when you move. We'll perform a few basic whole body movements, so I can see how well you move and assess what needs more stretching/release and what needs to be strengthened. We'll go over the foundational core/breathing exercises that will be the basis for all future sessions and movement strategies that promote healthy core function. Together, we'll create a plan that promotes healing, return to function, fitness and improved performance. The assessment takes around 75 minutes.

The first few sessions may be mostly restorative to focus on reversing the postural changes and movement habits of pregnancy, motherhood and daily living. I don't subscribe to a "bootcamp" mentality and I honor the changes in a woman’s body with a gradual, progressive return to fitness. I meet each woman where they are at.

What types of exercises will we do?

I incorporate many different modalities into our sessions. These include restorative and corrective exercise, self-myofascial release, elements of yoga, pilates and dance, functional exercise, resistance and flexibility training, HIIT, sports specific training and more. 

Will there be a home program to follow?

I’ll provide you with a program to follow between sessions with exercise handouts and videos. There will be manageable "homework" assignments and I encourage you to move everyday . I offer phone, text and email support for questions, motivation and adherence.

Should you see a Women's Health Physical Therapist?

YES! I recommend all clients see a Women's Health Physical Therapist to have your pelvic health assessed before beginning an exercise program and to fully understand your pelvic health status. I pre-screen all clients for pelvic floor and core issues and I'm happy to help you navigate working with a practitioner. I also love collaborating with Women's Health Pelvic Therapists.

What makes this different?

The foundation of my programs is education. When you understand how your body works it's profoundly easier to adhere to a fitness program and incorporate the necessary skills and habits into your daily life. I will teach you how your core works and how to function better through movement. You will be given the tools you need to manage your own recovery, improve your fitness, enhance your performance and protect your body for life.