Empowered. Strong. Confident. 

Women are stronger and more active than ever before. Yet, our anatomy, physiology and the changes our bodies experience during specific life stages make us very different from men. As a Women's Health Fitness Specialist, I take into consideration your unique needs.



Women's Wellness

"I can't say enough about Irene. As a sports medicine physician working primarily with women, I understand the value when it comes to core health and perinatal care. Not all services are equal and Irene's knowledge, patience and intuition on what's best for her clients is top level. She not only took care of my postnatal weakness but taught me lessons I will always be able to apply to my exercise plan. She is a true value for the level of care you receive from Irene."
-Dr. Marci Goolsby: Women's Sports Medicine Center,
Hospital for Special Surgery

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